Tekashi 6ix9ine recently revealed during an interview with Angie Martinez that he prays to God—a lot!
Last week the 22-year-old rapper was kidnapped, beaten and robbed and made it by escaping with his life. He details the harrowing event explaining that when the culprits left him alone bloody in the backseat of a car…he started talking to God. ‘You’re the only one that can get me out of this.’  When they returned he was then able to jump out of the moving vehicle and ultimately escape.
Although he notes he has a reputation for ‘trolling’ the internet by disrespecting entire states and ‘beefing’ with half the industry, he shares that he has a personal relation with God.
‘I pray a lot, I always thank God for good situations. Every time there’s a good situation there’s a cell in my brain that says, ‘Say Thank You to God’….Before I blew up for a year and a half, 400 and something days–I literally prayed everyday while walking my dog Titus. I would pray everyday, God please change my life…God please change my life, I’m a good kid. Please change my life. I got a baby I can’t even buy her pampers…please change my life, please change my life–and then ‘Gummo’ came and life changed. And then I was like damn, God is real. I knew if I prayed everyday it would work because God is real. And my life has changed.
Scroll to the 28:00 mark to listen

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