Believe it or not, music is not a foreign art to Jada Pinkett-Smith. In a recent interview with Billboard, the actress discussed how her Careers in Entertainment tour helps with the future of the youth and reveals she is currently in the midst of working on a song with her daughter Willow Smith.

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Jada recently spoke to a group of students at UCLA as one of the stops of the Careers in Entertainment tour to educate youth reigning from underprivileged backgrounds about how to be successful in the business of entertainment. She elaborated on the importance of educating the youth about the profound opportunities in entertainment as the interview progressed. “It’s been awesome because we’ve been able to reach marginalized communities all over the country and educate them on aspects of the entertainment industry that a lot of these young people don’t even know about,” said Jada. “Some of those youth don’t know about opportunities like the chance to be an art director or a graphic designer.”

When it comes to her sharp amour of entertainment business knowledge, Pinkett gives thanks to the careers of her star children Willow and Jaden for her inquisitiveness. “I watch my son and my daughter and their friends that are in this industry. It’s grinds of different kinds but in all honesty when I see successful people, it is no different than what my generation had to do,” she recalled. “If you want to have a successful career in this business, you have to know how to work hard. Period.”


When asked about the coming of music from her nü-metal band Wicked Wisdom, the Girls Trip actress revealed she has actually collaborated with her daughter Willow on a song titled “Dear Father.” For those who may not know, Jada is the lead singer of nü-metal band Wicked Wisdom who she formed back in 2002. Her husband, Will Smith was the executive producer on their debut album, My Story, and the band has even opened for Britney Spears during her Onyx Hotel Tour.

“I actually have a song with Willow that we did together. It’s called “Dear Father” and we are still working on it. But it’s pretty dope,” said Jada. “Willow has always wanted to do some stuff with me. She grew up with Wicked Wisdom on tour so it’s always been her dream to play with the band and play with me on stage. It’s really fun. So we’re thinking about doing four songs or something.”