Alex Trebek can’t host Jeopardy! forever. The longtime host said that there’s a possibility he’ll resign from the show soon and he’s already thinking of a replacement.

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Trebek conversed with Harvey on the most recent episode of OBJECTified Sunday night about his astonishing, long career. He says chances are more than 50/50 he’ll leave Jeopardy! when his deal is up in 2020. Trebek wants the LA Kings hockey broadcaster to take his position. Who is Alex Faust?

Trebek’s support will play a huge factor in who steps in for him. He has a hand in the production of the show and his approval would obviously sit well with watchers. Additionally, having a similar first name has its advantages.


Faust, who is only 28, as of now has some experience replacing icons. He has replaced Hall of Fame telecaster Bob Miller after 44 seasons to do play-by-play for the Kings. He clearly has awed Trebek with his work.

The Jeopardy! has one other choice at the top of the priority list – CNN lawful investigator Laura Coates. She has less in common with Trebek than Faust does, but he believes that she’ll be a good choice.