One North Carolina town has suspended all police activities after corruption charges were brought up against the Police Chief. Brunswick County Police Chief Gary Smith and Lt. Mike Simmons were charged with corruption for a “habitual and repeated pattern” of leaving their police posts for work at a trucking company, according to Southport Mayor Jerry Dove.

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According to a WECT report, Smith, 46, and Simmons, 48, were both charged with conspiracy to obtain property by false pretenses, willful failure to discharge duties, and obstruction of justice.

The Police Chief and Lieutenant were arrested on Thursday after a series of search warrants were conducted at the police station, the trucking company, and town hall. The Associated Press report also reveals that police officers were whistleblowers in the case as well.


With the Police Chief and the Lieutenant facing charges, the police department placed all six of its officers on paid administrative leave as the city deals with the situation.

The CBS News affiliate’s report also reveals that the SBI and the FBI performed a joint investigation into the matter. The investigation reportedly started early in April.

District Attorney Jon David defended the police officers who were placed on leave during a press conference.

“A lot of these officers have done absolutely nothing wrong. Some of them are the ones that first came forward,” David said. “This stain should not be extended to the officers who take seriously their duty to serve and protect.”