Noreaga is one emcee that will never hold his tongue. So when he stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album, you know it got real.

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On Monday (Jul 30), Hip-Hop veteran and Drink Champs host Noreaga stopped by Power 105.1 to discuss how he’s matured in Hip-Hop and what fans can expect from his upcoming album 5E.  While discussing his upcoming project, Noreaga revealed how the collaboration with Fabolous came about and how he realized that his old beef weren’t worth the energy.

“With this album, I can’t believe I really pulled this off. The Dream was on my wish list because I think everything he does is great. The Tory Lanez joint, “She’s Mine” is about my wife. I kept it generic because I wanted everyone to relate but it’s about her, but that collaboration came thru at the last minute. I really wanted Tory because he has a connection to the younger generation, artists like Fabolous and Fat Joe do too but they are still seasoned and I wanted someone bright and new that could still convey I am 40-years old and in love and love to go to Costco on Saturday and sometimes Sunday.”


Noreaga in true fashion still loves the relationship he has with some of Hip-Hop’s most legendary artists, revealing that one ongoing joke he shares with Jay-Z is in regards to the now infamous meme-worthy helmet he wore while jetskiing.

“I can hit up Nas, I can hit up Jay-Z, matter of fact Hov hits me. I hit up Jay-Z not too long ago and told him to ‘watch them helmets’ and he loves that I  keep it real with him like that. I’m like you’re the coolest guy in the world, other than them helmets. [laughs]”

In regards to the interview that led to his latest viral clip of the week with Faith Evans, NORE insists that the topic did not go down how he intended.

“Let me clear something up, when I did the interview with Faith I was really intending on shedding alight on Big because he was vocal about being nasty. Like on record he talked about being a nasty n*gga and I wanted to see it was true. So when I asked Faith like did Big eat ass and she said, ‘yea he ate my ass,’ I wasn’t expecting the follow through with ‘and I ate his ass too’ because now I am picturing it. [laughs] But I thank her for helping us go viral and love her to death because all jokes aside she is a pure soul and must be protected at all costs.”

Check out the interview below.


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