In a world where everybody considers themselves an artist of some sort, it can be hard for newcomers to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. After all, there are only so many hours in a day that prospective audience members can listen to Soundcloud rappers. And even the most talented artists often simply rely on the hail Mary tactic of throwing their work out into the abyss and hoping that the right people stumble upon it. Yet Daisie, a mobile app aimed at connecting creatives, hopes to change that.

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Best of all, Daisie is getting a little help growing with some royal help. Actress Maisie Williams, who is best known for her role as Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark, is joining other celebrities who have recently begun to venture into the realm of tech entrepreneurship, specifically with projects aimed at helping the arts.

Daisie, which is set to launch in the late summer, will offer a platform where musicians, writers, filmmakers, visual artists, lyricists, songwriters, and other creators can network, like, share and collaborate on projects within a social networking setting.


The overarching goal is twofold: to help up and coming artists get more targeted exposure to not just as wide of an audience as possible, but to also help connect them with others in their respective industries who can provide career mentorship and guidance.

While the app is a lot of things, one thing that it is not is a popularity contest. There will be no follower count, because, as Williams notes in a recent interview, “If you have follower counts, it then becomes about a competition, like a popularity contest between who can get the most.”

Instead, Williams and the app’s creators hope that the platform will serve more as a LinkedIn, where artists can showcase their “resume” and let their work, not their follower count, do the talking.