In lieu of her latest single “Nasty One,” Lil’ Kim recently stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle show to discuss all things Hip-Hop as the coming of her longingly yearned fifth solo album approaches, Billboard reports. The gem is reaching for a November release and the Queen Bee is still on the prowl for a tremendous collab. The “Lighters Up” rapper delved into a broad scope of topics including her relationship with Snoop Dogg, an upcoming documentary, and the possibility of a Beyoncé collaboration.

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With Kim and Snoop being Hip-Hop acts who were both in their prime during the infamous East Coast versus West Coast beef, and each from opposite coasts, they managed to remain on good terms amid the chaos. “Me and Snoop always remained friends. What people don’t know is [Biggie] and Snoop was kind of still cool. Snoop didn’t feel a lot of stuff was going on, and neither did [Biggie]. B.I.G. and Snoop wanted to be friends all the time, it was just hard. Me and Snoop didn’t want that energy to affect our music,” she recalled.

She went on express her appreciation for Remy Ma, who she joined forces with for “Wake Me Up” when the Bronx rapper covered her undisputed classic “Queen B@#$H,” and confirmed they have another collaboration set for her forthcoming album. She also likens their relationship to that of Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z. “She’s a lyrical beast. I got a song with her on my new album. She and I relationship is so friendly. I remember when B.I.G. and JAY-Z were in the studio, they used to try to make each other’s records hotter,” Kim says. “Jay used to be like, ‘Damn, that verse is crazy.’ Then Jay would come in with a fire-ass verse. That’s how it is with [Remy Ma] and I.”


Last Halloween, Beyoncé broke the internet when she showcased her holiday apparel, a set of five of Lil’ Kim’s most iconic looks. As Whoo Kid queries about a possible collaboration between the two hitmakers, Kim utters, “We’ve been showing each other love” and suggested for the DJ to “Put it out there.”

Overall, a collaboration with two Queen’s may shift both of them into the creative space of their signature styles. For Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music enthusiasts, this musical collision appeals in a favorable manner, but will only serve satisfaction if the two icons deliver it in signature style, which owns a possibility to be a given.

Watch Lil’ Kim’s Whoolywood Shuffle interview, below.

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