Now I know I’m not the only person who thought this but apparently, Michael B. Jordan agrees with the theory. If Eric Killmonger was still alive and fighting alongside Black Panther during Avengers: Infinity War, maybe the outcome would have been different. The villian was noteably one of the best protagonists in Avengers history.

While Jordan is soaking in the success from his previous role, the character still holds significant value to the actor. Fans have constantly been asking his thoughts on how he felt the plot would have been if Killmonger was an ally to the Avengers during their brutal war with Thanos.

“I think the one thing about Killmonger is he really plans his attacks, and they’re well thought out. So if he ever stepped in a situation with Thanos, he would feel confident that he had the upper hand – at the very least, he would know he had a shot. So I mean, we already know that Erik’s willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good, so I don’t think he’s ever fearful of losing his life. So I think if he ever stepped in front of Thanos, he’d already have a plan for taking him down.”

Although I’m sure the Avengers still would have lost, maybe the loss would not have been so drastic. Then again, the sequel comes out in 2019 so we’re just going to have to wait and see how our beloved superheroes can fix the damage the Mad Titan caused.