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UPDATE: (7:25 PM EST) Prior to earlier reports about the production of a Netflix-helmed, music-led documentary about Min. Louis Farrakhan, it looks like plans have fell through abruptly. See the most recent update below, via Fox News:

“Netflix will not release a documentary about the life of Louis Farrakhan after all, despite the controversial Nation of Islam leader’s claim that it would hit the streaming giant on Wednesday, a company spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday.

“This film will not be released on Netflix. Due to an internal miscommunication, it appeared to be scheduled for release on Netflix, but it is not. We apologize for any confusion this has caused,” the Netflix spokesperson said.”

Read the full article over at Fox News for more details surrounding the cancellation, and check out the original report below. It’s a shame, too — this one looked like it would’ve been an interesting one:

It is a very exciting time for The Honorable Louis Farrakhan (a/k/a “The Minister”).

With both, the scheduled August 1st release of the documentary entitled, My Life’s Journey Through Music as well as his critically acclaimed music box set entitled Let’s Change The World, Minister Farrakhan is poised to show a personal and creative side to the man that many have not seen.  While the leader of The Nation of Islam and the convener of the Million Man March has accomplished great feats in his life, he has also accumulated some enemies along the way.

What makes The Minister one of the most powerful leaders of all time?


Perhaps, this documentary will explain.  Many love The Minister and certainly others have sought to vilify him. However with these two creative works, one gets an opportunity to view, listen and understand the depths of Minister Farrakhan in ways never quite seen before.  In the film, The Minister showcases his personal journey through his music and creative talents (which have long been shelved because of his personal duties and obligations as a student, minister and leader of The Nation of Islam).  Earlier today, the Minister released a trailer for the feature length documentary, which is scheduled to be aired on the popular content streaming platform, Netflix.

The documentary  journeys through Farrakhan’s illustrious career of social justice and nationalism, not only through the lens of a civil rights leader, but also through the vibration of an absolute creative along with other creative giants who joined forces with the Minister in his creative journey.  Few may know that Minister Farrakhan had a successful stint as a calypso singer and classical musician in the late 40s and 50s. Previously known as Gene Walcott, he made his TV debut on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour in 1949 and at the age of 16 he was musical prodigy that brought incredulous pride to his strong West Indian community in Boston. His instrument of choice: The Violin.

The Minister’s creative works also highlight how music has been woven into the fabric of this most controversial and misunderstood man, giving him a humanity that has often times gone ignored. Beginning with his first posts of service in the 70s, it gives viewers glimpses into how he has over four decades used the great power of music as the soundtrack for his ministry.

The Minister’s documentary perfectly serves as a companion project to his 8 cd box set that features over 14 years of music from a multiplicity of genres: Classical, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Gospel and so many more. Artists like Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, Snoop Dogg, Common, Rick Ross, Damian Marley and more lent their gifts and brought creative brilliance and diversity to the special collection of music. The box set is available at