A legendary NCAA basketball coach watched his legacy collapse last year and is finally speaking up on how everything unfolded. Former Louisville Men’s basketball Head Coach Rick Pitino is releasing a memoir in September titled “Pitino: My Story.”

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Diversion books, who is publishing the memoir, says the book will “lay all his cards on the table.” Those who plan on reading the book will learn of Pitino’s time as an NBA coach for the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics to his very successful yet scandal-ridden career as the Louisville Head Coach.

In 2017, Rick Pitino was one of the biggest names mentioned in a scandal that claims coaches, agents, and company representatives conducted “pay-for-play” scandals that involved soliciting prostitutes and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribery money as a means of recruiting players. Pitino has denied any wrongdoing in this case that resulted in the Cardinals 2013 National Championship being voided by the NCAA in light of the allegations.


Pitino, who was once the highest paid coach college basketball will “take on ‘opportunistic agents’ and ‘predatory apparel companies,’ among others,” according to his publisher.

The upcoming season will be Louisville’s first season without Pitino has the head coach since 2001. In his career, Pitino has won more than 700 career games with two national titles, one with Kentucky, the other with Louisville.

The book is scheduled to release on September 4, two months before the start of the 2018-2018 NCAA basketball season.