The NBA Finals may be over, but it seems like Tristan Thompson just couldn’t let the bad blood during the playoffs go.

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According to published reports, Thompson finally got a chance to take out his frustrations that built up over the last four years on opponent Draymond Green after the two met up in Los Angeles during the weekend of the ESPYs.

According to Bossip, the players got into a big fight earlier this month inside LA nightspot Delilah for a private party after the ESPY Awards July 18th, when Tristan hit Green with a two-piece, causing fellow teammates LeBron James and Kevin Durant to step in to break up the mele.


According to reports neither player was seriously injured and both continued to enjoy the party, but the altercation caused the newly acquired Laker to leave.

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead was also in attendance and let a few details loose as well.

“Finally this story is out there and I can say what I’ve heard about Tristan Thompson punching Draymond Green 2 weeks ago,” McIntyre tweeted. “Draymond went up to apologize to Tristan for what happened after G4 of the finals. TT said ‘nah man’ and Draymond tried again, ‘come on, I didn’t mean it’ and then WHAP, Tristan leveled him with a punch. Draymond didn’t go down.”

Although noticeably in gameplay Green comes across as the aggressor, McIntyre reveals that it was Thompson who wasn’t trying to hear the peace talk off the court.

“Draymond Green was not the aggressor, he was trying to make peace. Tristan felt embarrassed by the end of the Finals diss moment and just unloaded. Couple players i spoke here in LA/on social media went with, ‘about time.'”

Neither Green nor Thompson have commented about the incident and neither team has released a statement regarding the conduct as well.

With all of this tension in the offseason, the upcoming NBA season is about to be tough.