George Zimmerman is on the defense this time, but he’s still moving as if he has privilege.

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The former Neighborhood Watch guard is now seeking to get the names of the witnesses and victims who spoke about him in the Paramount Network Trayvon Martin documentary, Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.

Private investigator Dennis Warren has rejected Zimmerman’s requests to reveal the names of the people that were interviewed during the Jay-Z produced documentary on the 17-year-old teen killed in Sanford, Florida. The killer of Martin who was acquitted in his shooting death is demanding that Warren bring all documents, emails and other records of his investigations while inquiring about Zimmerman.


Warren asserts that some of the people are victims of Zimmerman and have said vehemently that “they do not want him to know what they said about him or have any contact with him.” Zimmerman, on the other hand, says that this information is “crucial, relevant, and necessary for viewing and inspection” in preparation for his defense in his misdemeanor stalking case that was filed by Warren last year.

Warren expressed to authorities that he was scared for himself and his family when Zimmerman had knowledge of the private investigator’s existence as well as where he lived. will update this case as it develops.