Jay-Z’s latest docu-series, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, captivated audiences Monday in the introductory episode that chronicled the stalking of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman ultimately leading to the fatal shooting that sparked a movement across America.

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Giving insight to the creation and his hopes for the docu-series, Hov spoke with the New York Times, stating he hopes for an adjustment to the Stand Your Ground Laws, much like he hoped for a change in laws with the Kalief Browder documentary.

“This law, we have to get people to understand what it says. Of course, he will not be found guilty. It’s very difficult to be found guilty with this law as it stands today.

The system doesn’t work as it exists today. No one wants to talk about that because it’s as if you are bashing police officers. I’m not bashing police officers. I’m just saying the facts do not support this being the answer, the system as it stands today.”

View the entire interview over at The New York Times and be sure to catch episode two of the docu-series next Monday on the Paramount Channel and BET.