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As he has proven time and time again, LeBron James will never just “shut up and dribble.” James has been a philanthropic leader for a number of years. This week he set another milestone by opening the “I Promise” School in his hometown of Akron, OH. The 33-year-old superstar received praise from a number of athletes, celebrities and powerful individuals alike, for setting a new standard for giving back. You can now add The Royal Obamas to the top of that list. Michelle Obama tweeted James on Tuesday. “Kids in Akron and across the US are luck to have you as a role model on and off the court,” said the First Lady. LeBron responded by thanking Mrs. Obama for her recognition. See their interaction below.

The “I Promise” School is the ultimate academic institution for children and their families. From free tuition to job placement for parents, the school is a center for hope and motivation. The four-time NBA MVP gave CNN’s Don Lemon an exclusive tour and talked about the significance of opening the school.


“We want every kid that walks through this school to be inspired,” James told Lemon.

The public elementary school has enrolled 240 kids upon opening. It will continue to grow even more as the years go on. More parents from across the United States, and possibly around the world will be encouraged to send their child to “I Promise.” This is a legacy and a statement to all athletes and philanthropist around the world.