Is there anything Black people can do in America without having the police called on them?

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Last week, Brooklyn resident Darsell Obregon, who is Black, was seeking shelter from the rain on her way to the train station in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. Obregon sought cover in a small space outside the apartment building while she called an Uber but then claims a woman, Arabella Juniper Torres, came out of the building and demanded that she leave.

In footage taken by Obregon and posted on Facebook, Torres was recorded calling the police, complaining that this woman was on her property that she did not know.


This is the latest of several incidents around the country in which white people have been recorded calling the cops on Black people, children included, for virtually nothing.

the most memorable was a woman called BBQ Becky, who called police on a Black family in May as they were barbecuing at a park in Oakland, California for not using the right kind of grill. Alison Ettel, the CEO of a San Francisco marijuana firm who was branded Permit Patty, was forced to step down following backlash after she reported an eight-year-old Black girl to the police for selling water.