Donovan Mitchell has been a Godsend to the Utah Jazz. Turns out he’s is like that off the court to the people of Utah.

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The brother of Jazz fan Andrew Simeona visited the City Creek Apple Store in Salt Lake City to get his iPhone repaired. While he waited as the technician looked at the device, he unknowingly struck up a conversation with someone else waiting at the store: Mitchell.

Later, the Apple store technician returned and delivered some bad news: that the phone would be a relatively expensive fix, one Simeona couldn’t afford. When Mitchell overheard the story, he volunteered to pay for the service.


Simeona’s brother had no clue that the person who helped was Utah Jazz star guard and Rookie of the Year runner-up Donovan Mitchell. “It speaks volumes about the kind of guy that Donovan is. There’s a ton of gratitude from our end,” Simeona said. “It goes to show you this guy really is trying to do good things and be a decent guy out in the community. He gets so much respect from us about that.”

Simeona shared the story on Twitter, and even got a response from Mitchell, who simply stated that it was “all love” and that he was “glad I could help!”

Mitchell, now 21 years of age, has become a fan favorite in Utah — for good reason. In 79 appearances with the Jazz last season, the former Louisville Cardinal racked up averages of 20.5 points on 43.7 percent shooting from the field (34.0 percent from beyond the arc), 3.7 assists, 3.7 rebounds, and 1.5 steals in 33.4 minutes per outing.

Mitchell is a class act and his gesture of goodwill was deeply appreciated.