Asnew- artist emerge daily, there will always be generational gaps in Hip Hop. The pioneers of the past may not agree with the tactics used by the artist of today. This is an ongoing struggle as Hip Hop continues to evolve.

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N.O.R.E. recently appeared on Sway’s Universe where he discussed a myriad of topics including his new album 5E, working with Nas and drug addiction.

While on the subject of drug addiction, he spoke openly about his father’s struggle with heroin. He also expressed concern for Instagram personality, turned rapper Boonk. In addition, he addressed Future for promoting drugs although he doesn’t use them as his music implies.


Boonk recently appeared on an episode of the No Jumper podcast. During the episode, he can barely maintain consciousness as he appears to nod back and forth. “When I saw that, I’m thinking, that’s 50-year-old sh*t. That’s not 18, 20-21-year old sh*t,” he shared.

Highlighting his respect for Hip-Hop as a whole, he refers to the genre as a race of people and as a person in Hip-Hop he is worried about the young man. You can sense the sincerity in his eyes and in his voice as it breaks momentarily. N.O.R.E. offers to help in any way he can.

Boonk is a prime example of the culture Future’s lean and pill laced lyrics have helped create. N.O.R.E. is quick to say he supports the new generation and is a fan of Future, as well as the Migos.

However around the 17: 50-minute mark he reacts sharply when he says “Future gotta stop promoting this drug use because I see Future and he’s not high.” Furthermore, he says, “I’ve never seen Future on lean!”

From his perspective, he describes the Atlanta rapper as being “a very put together guy.” Even if in fact he did enjoy a few sips of “dirty Sprite,” it was hard to tell.

N.O.R.E. makes a point to say although Future may be voicing the struggles of the drug community, the larger community is still absorbing his music and subsequently being introduced to things which can kill them.

Check out the clip below. The Boonk comments start around the 13-minute mark. Wiz Khalifa has also been critical of lean in the past.