YG has just released his highly anticipated sophomore album, Stay Dangerous, but the Compton emcee definitely shows that even a gangster can evolve and do some soul-searching.

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During his interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, YG talked about his process and why Still Dangerous ended up being his most personal album to date. In addition to reuniting with longtime collaborator, DJ Mustard, YG revealed that he made some dietary changes during the creation of this project as well to help him gain focus.

“I was Vegan for like three months, but not no more,” YG said. ” I mean like my life at the time when I was Vegan it was like my days were set and it was the same thing every day. So I came up with this little program because I was recording at Snoop’s spot. I was living in Hollywood at the time so I took LaCienega straight down from my house to Snoop studio every day. So as I make my way to the studio, I [would] stop in the middle of Hollywood get all my food and continue to the studio. Then after that when the album came out, I started moving around and it was all over.”


In regards to the title of the album, YG revealed it came from the lifestyle on the streets of Los Angeles.

“OK so Stay Dangerous man, that’s really like the word you know what I’m saying comes from the streets LA. That’s just how we talk. That’s a part of the lingo. You know when you watch your friends and you depart from your friends, you tell them like ‘alright bro Imma see you later. Be safe.’  We don’t say that, we say stay dangerous because being safe is like you playing defense you waiting on something to happen to move. It’s like no we dangerous. We plant, we play offense.”

In addition to the title, YG talked about how his first ever collaboration with Harlem-bred ASAP Rocky went down and why he enjoyed working with the ASAP Mob head honcho on the project.

“Man Rocky been reaching out to me since I first came out with the first album. And we never did no records until now,” YG said. “He’s a real dude. He’s always going to tell you whatever. Like he called me like, ‘Man I just seen this picture man on the Gram. You look fly bro. You are fly you feel me. Don’t let nobody tell you anything else. No.’ He’ll just call you like that. That’s how I met them. I seen him at a rap show and he just stopped me like ‘I fuck which you.’ Likewise all that. Boom. Then you know after that we just start slanging. Pulling up. I pull up on him and pull up on me in the studio. He pressing play. I’m pressing play but we never did no music and then finally like with this album like when I when I came up with the concept Stay Dangerous. I was in a studio rapping on like trap beats like different type beats like the “Handgun” type. I finally had a record that sounded like something that he would rock with. So I called him to the studio one day. Was like Pop. But he like oh it’s fire. I’m hopping on this right now. You know what I’m saying. That it was just like that and it happened just like that.”

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