Everyone loves a good trip to Target to pick up the essentials — toothpaste, groceries, a pack of crisp white Hanes tees — but who would’ve thought America’s favorite bargain haven would be lit enough to launch its own streetwear line? Well, allow us to introduce you to Original Use.

The full line of urban apparel is not only extensive, but doesn’t look too bad at all. From tees and jeans to outwear and head gear, this set is over 100 pieces deep and even incorporates body positivity and inclusivity when it comes to the models in the lookbook, each ranging in shapes, sizes and skin tones. Overall, it’s a far shot from Supreme, not exactly up there with the likes of 10.Deep, but there’s something about the design story that really makes us tip our hats to this unexpected drop of heat. Key standouts include the graphic long-sleeve shirt options, basically every single item that is dipped in camo print, and, wait, did we just peep tracksuits and a fishtail parka? Nice!

As expected, the prices are super affordable and go from $10 to $40, so check out Target’s new Original Use line right now in its entirety online. Let us know if you’d cop after checking out more images from the lookbook below: