Back in June, Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram story to show fans the behind-the-scenes of an ink session she was having with celebrity tattoo artist, Ryan Henry, from Black Ink: Chicago. Fans wondered if Nicki would appear on an episode of Black Ink or if she was just simply getting a tattoo without any camera crews involved.

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Until this past Wednesday, Nicki made her debut on an official episode of the VH1 show. In the episode, Nicki got a new “Barbie” tattoo on her left wrist in honor of her upcoming album Queen. In her network television debut, Nicki even went as far as giving Ryan some very valuable advice. She stated:

“Keep killing it. Keep doing your thing. There’s not fucking ceiling on your growth. There’s no ceiling on your prosperity. It’s all in your mind. Whatever you say with your mouth, confess it and that’s that. And then walk towards it and keep it moving. And anybody who don’t fall in line, falls back and that’s that.”

Yesterday, a few days after Nicki’s Black Ink episode premiere she took to Instagram to thank her fans for tuning in and boosting Black Ink’s ratings to a record-setting high. Two million viewers tuned in which Nicki considered a good sneak peek into the amount of support she will receive when she finally releases her Queen album.