Most of the world knows about “the Old Spice guy,” the viral sensation and recent pop culture phenomenon who plays opposite Terry Crews in the iconic company’s commercials. But until a few years ago, little was known about OBB Pictures, the media company breakout company behind the commercials. Today, that’s all changing as OBB has continued to revolutionize commercial and theatrical video as a pop culture medium and is now taking the next step into music with the recent announcement of the OBB music content division.

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As technology has changed, so has the approach with which people consume their music. In years past, most people were content to buy a tape or CD and maybe see their favorite artist in concert if they were lucky. Today, consumers want to know more about the message and the people behind the music. What were their struggles? Their influences? Their motivation? They often want to know goes on behind the scenes as well as participate in their favorite artists’ causes.

That’s where OBB comes in.


Founded in 2014 by Michael D. Ratner, OBB Pictures is a multimedia production company specializing in millennial-driven content in film, television and digital media. OBB’s portfolio of work spans across comedy, drama, horror, sports, documentary, and music and has created projects for partners such as Netflix, AMC, ESPN, VICE, Lionsgate, and more, as well as for brands such as Old Spice, Mountain Dew, Michelin, Lexus, and LG. In addition to earning even New York Emmy awards for its work, OBB Pictures has been featured at Sundance Film Festival, South by Southwest Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival.

According to Ratner, their new music division is focused on developing and producing content around the world’s biggest artists, stories, and events in music. Their yet-untitled documentary debut is set to begin production this month and will chronicle the ascent of multi-platinum Hip-Hop artist Jeezy from humble beginnings to global icon and entrepreneur.