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When President Donald Trump attacked LeBron James’ intelligence, many came to show support towards the NBA mogul. One person who came to James’ defense was none other than Micheal Jordan.  Through a spokesperson, MJ issued the following statement, “I support LJ. He’s doing an amazing job for his community.”

Some speculated Jordan could have said more. Jordan’s response wasn’t sufficient in Shannon Sharpe’s eyes. The Undisputed co-host criticized MJ Monday for not mentioning Trump by name in his statement. Sharpe also didn’t think the statement was harsh enough.


While speaking about the Trump tweet on Monday’s episode, Sharpe explained why MJ’s response should have been equally as harsh.

“I believe the retort should also name him. And it should also be equally as harsh. This is the one time, Michael, you have criticized, get-out-of-jail-free pass because of what President Trump said about Don Lemon. What he said about LeBron James, given his track record over the past year what he’s said about other prominent African Americans. And you chose, you support LJ? You support him as what? As a father? As a family man? What exactly are you supporting? Michael wants to swim, but he doesn’t want to get wet.”

Sharpe brings up an excellent point, considering his Airness usually doesn’t comment on social issues. Once Trump put Jordan’s name out there, he should have drawn a line in the sand and let it be known where exactly he stands on social issues.