63 years later, and still America has learned nothing from the tragic demise of 14-year-old Emmett Till. To those who say racism is dead or non-existent if people feel the need to shoot up a memorial sign, We regret to inform you the hate lives on.

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In fact, for the second time in recent years, the memorial was sprayed with bullets according to Los Angeles Times reports. This comes on the heels of recent news that the Justice Department has found new evidence in his murder investigation. Therefore, they will re-open the case.

63 years later, a loud-mouthed bigot has found himself positioned at the helm of our nation. Unlike past leaders, he prefers to spend his days tweeting out personalized attacks against people and sports.


Meanwhile, the racial divide grows wider. Still, they hate young Emmett, filled to the brim with hate until shooting at his  Money, Mississippi monument in 2017.

Sadly, that hate was carried over from the previous year when the memorial in question was hit with bullets. That incident led to $15,000 being raised to restore it.

63 years after his death, not even a sign highlighting his tragic story can stand in peace. It seems like some people would rather silence his posthumous voice.

Yet Confederate flags are selling at an all-time high. Adding to that, those supporters cringe at the idea of removing Confederate monuments. Going as far as referring to them as “part of American history.” Which begs the question, why aren’t African-American viewed as part of America’s history?

To put it in perspective J.Cole said it best,  “I turn the TV on, not one hero in sight. Unless he dribble or he fiddle with mics.” 63 years later they still hate us. Regardless, we will never forget Emmett Till. Rest in peace.