Eazy-E’s wife and his son have finally settled their legal battle over the use of the N.W.A. name.

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According to reports, court documents show that Tomica Wright and Eric Wright have finally reached a settlement that will bring the case to a close after years of litigation.

Eazy’s son agreed to a clause in the agreement that prevents him from using the names “Straight Outta Compton,” “N.W.A.” and “Ruthless”, however, he will be able to use “Rich & Ruthless”. In 2017, Tomica Wright and Ruthless Records sued Eric Wright Jr. and N.W.A. Entertainment for claiming ownership of the label’s trademarks.


Eazy-E owned and operated the company until his death in 1995 and now, his wife is currently in charge.

Tomica accused her husband’s eldest son of illegally profiting off his father by attempting to register trademarks related to him. The suit alleges that Eazy’s son tried to create the impression that his company was the owner of the Ruthless trademark, calling his public announcements fraudulent.

Eazy’s widow sued him, demanding an injunction that prohibits his son from continuing to infringe the trademark. The damage amount is unspecified.

Wright Jr. had previously countersued Ruthless Records demanding that his stepmother’s trademark relating to his late father be voided by the court. He claims that she did not own the trademark and abandoned the rights by not using them.