There aren’t many names in Hip-Hop hotter than 6ix9ine. With his new release “Fefe” heading to the top of the charts, you can tell he has a stronghold on the conversation. His influence as a rapper has inspired more potential rappers to come forth, even so by branding themselves with his trademark “69” tattoo.

A rapper who goes by the name No Foreign, posted a video to her Instagram of a tattoo artist etching the “69” into her forehead and captioned “Just a Mexican rapper from the West Coast that got inspired 💯💕 @iamcompton”

No Foreign revealed a couple of other images to her Instagram with the tattoo, most notably letting critics know that she doesn’t care if they feel a way about her getting the ink.

Take a look at the images below. Do you think No Foreign could have a future in Hip-Hop?

… IF U MAD 🤟🏼🌈🌹

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