Well, it’s about time. On Wednesday the NCAA announced some major changes that present players with more flexibility and freedom. Here are the changes for now. Hopefully, it includes some monetary gain for college athletes very soon.

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Hiring of Agents

The nation’s “elite” high school and college basketball recruits will be allowed to hire agents while attending high school or college. However, the agent must be certified by the NCAA. Prior to this rule, hiring an agent, insinuated one turning pro. NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver recently stated that the league is likely to change its age-eligibility rule very soon. Currently, high school prospects must be one year removed from high school to enter the NBA draft.


Undrafted Players Can Return To School

When a college player declares for the NBA Draft, he forgoes his eligibility as a student-athlete. Therefore, if the players are undrafted, they only have two options: play in the G league or ball overseas. Players now have more flexibility. According to the Associated Press, Division 1 programs must provide scholarships for players who return to school. They are able to re-enroll in school, get their degree and raise their draft stock as a college student.

The new rules seem like a step in the right direction for NBA prospects in both high school and college, but one question will remain. Will college basketball players get paid? Until this is answered, the rules will continue to be broken. Show them the money. Read some of the reaction via Twitter below.