If you have been on Twitter or Instagram at any point this week you have seen the mysterious case of Ray J’s hat. In the latest episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Ray J is seen talking to Safaree about potentially betraying a homie but the singer’s hat steals the show as it seems to self-adjust numerous times over the course of a one-minute conversation.


TMZ managed to get Ray J on a video call and he gave a simple statement to the hat movement, “it had a mind of its own.” Ray J states that he was drilling Safaree for answers over an hour and the hat was “stressing” just like him.

While the hat having its own mind is a more entertaining story. The real answer is likely just cuts from multiple shots of the scene or piecing together the hour-long conversation. Either way, the memes are flying and there is actually a Ray J hat challenge that is starting to sweep social media.

Check out the explanation from Ray J below.