From Bad Boy’s Belly to crossover sensation Drake, America’s north border has been producing some musically forward artist in the 21st century. Alberta, Canadian Shifty Eyes can fit in that conversation since the release of his Beast EP, a six-track viral wonder that you may have missed if you ear hasn’t been to the streets.

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Garnering nearly 9 million plays on SoundCloud, Beast is a prime example of an introductory project with a vast array of production tempos and lyrical flows necessary for a new artist. The project’s title track “Beast” is a “look at me” presentation that Shifty exemplifies well with his darts that are accented by synthesized jungle sounds. “T.H.O.T.” is a rhythmic party anthem that the Alberta native appears to have perfected in his hooks and adlibs. “Dirty Bandz” and “Smooth Operator” slightly slowed the momentum of the EP, but it’s the roller coaster feeling that the former addict may have been shooting for.

Overall, his popularity during the release of his debut project says a lot about Shifty Eyes. Being a white guy from Canada that sings and raps doesn’t hurt his case, either. Look for this “Beast” to appear on larger platforms in the near future. All ten million people can’t be wrong.