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For a while, it appeared that 6ix9ine was off of his trolling and Internet beef. Especially after he said he was turning over a new leaf after the death of XXXTentacion and his “robbery” weeks later. But nope, he’s back at it. This time taking aim at YG.

YG is currently on a press run for his STAY DANGEROUS effort and a couple stops at popular radio stations have brought the controversial “FEFE” rapper up in conversation. During his stop at the Breakfast Club, YG confirmed a couple lines in “Suu Whoop” did reference 6ix9ine, stating “that little n*gga was playing with too much of the real shit so I had to say something. It is what it is.”

In typical 6ix9ine fashion, he popped off about the success of singles and albums before slinging insults of “You a whole bum” and “suck my fuckin’ dick, stupid” at the West Coast rapper.

Of course, the words of Tekashi made it back to YG who is interested in meeting the “pink-haired” rapper.



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