Big Boi has made it a need of his profession to advance imaginative and whimsical specialists outside the standard, and those like Killer Mike and Janelle Monae have made him extremely pleased, as indicated by an ongoing meeting.

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The veteran hitmaker talked with humorist Trevor Noah on The Daily Show on Wednesday (Aug. 8) and uncovered that outside of his work nearby Andre 3000 in their incredible gathering OutKast, he’s most glad for marking Killer Mike and Janelle Monae.

“Why was it so important for you to go out and find artists who most record labels may not have seen as a commercially viable product?” Noah asked Big Boi.


Killer Mike has certainly had a major year. Aside from his prosperity with El-P in their gathering Run The Jewels, Mike is one of the all the more politically dynamic specialists in the hip-bounce network. He and 2 Chainz as of late connected for a racially charged melody called “Dark Power, White Powder,” and he and T.I. were named to a change group for the new leader of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms.

Janelle Monae has additionally prospered in accomplishment in 2018 with the arrival of her first collection in five years Dirty Computer, which discovered her wilding out in full rap mode on the prevalent track “Django Jane.”

Beside running the late-night TV circuit and marking significant craftsmen, Big Boi has additionally had his hands full as of late raising his two pet owls Hootie and Hoodini. Go to Billboard to see Big Boi’s meeting in full.