Denzel Washington has been putting up numbers in the box office with his sequel movie, The Equalizer 2. The film hit theaters last week and has been ranked a number one hit. Washington is a legendary actor, known for playing infamous roles such as Alonzo Harris in Training Day. Now it looks like he might be looking into a remake of Scarface and reviving the notorious gangster, Tony Montana.

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Washington and director, Antoine Fuqua have been discussing bringing the movie back to life with the help of Black Tree TV. Although under wraps, Fuqua admits he’s currently helping with the writing of the script. The movie was originally supposed to drop in theaters in 2018 but disagreements with creative direction delayed production. Fuqua was not happy with the script development so he pushed the movie back. He also joked around and said he would love to see Washington take on the role of Montana.

Watch the clip below as they discuss The Equalizer 2 and the upcoming Scarface remake.