Jada Pinkett Smith is just beyond amazing. She influences so many worldwide with her words of encouragement when it comes to family, friends, relationships, and fitness. Her advice is so valuable to the masses as so continues spreading positivity.

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Yesterday, she posted up on Instagram with a beautiful message while on a Stairmaster, flaunting her flawless abs and speaking about how she lost herself when she first became a mother. She wanted to spread awareness regarding self-love and how she found herself again with the help of a book titled Women Who Run With Wolves written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

On light cardio days I kill two birds with one stone?

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“Today I’m reading a book that has pulled me through different stages in my life in so many ways… and specifically when I lost myself when I became a mother. This book helped me learn the power of being a woman,” Pinkett-Smith shared. “This book helped me understand the necessity to trust the beauty of feminine energy. And this book has helped me find my way. Her voice has brought me through many tumultuous nights. I consider her the mother of young adult women and women who are in desperate times.”