Lil Kim stopped by the Real 92.3 to discuss her new music and women in Hip Hop. As expected, the Queen Bee was asked to weigh in on Nicki Minaj’s upcoming album title, Queen, but to our surprise, Kimberly handled the question very maturely.

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“Oh God. Let me ask you this. Do you f*ck with me for real?” She asked the radio personality. Okay, so if you f*ck with me, right? Why isn’t this about Kim? Yeah, see if we’re gonna mention one female we’re gonna mention them all. We need to mention them all. We need to bring everybody in and we need to give everybody love.”

The Brooklyn native continued to basically say that she’s waving her white flag, and the ball is in Minaj’s court to call a truce. Kim also suggested that the media is responsible for pitting these two talented female emcees against each other.


“God bless her. What she did she did. But you know what? I wish her the best. I’m past that and over that. At the end of the day, stop asking me about that chick – she did what she did – y’all don’t do that to her. I don’t think you would [ask her about me?]”

Check out the full interview below: