Since the birth of baby Kulture, Cardi B has been settling in as a new mother and getting adjusted to the changes — so much so that she made the decision to cancel her tour appearances with Bruno Mars. Although we’ve yet to see baby Kulture, Cardi took to Instagram Live while she Kulture was sleeping to update fans on all things to come from the Bronx native.

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In a five minute Instagram Live segment, Cardi explained the release of her Fashion Nova collection being pushed back from fashion week in September to a new November release date due to the number of pieces actually being released. More specifically, there will be over 100 pieces inf the collection and an official Fashion Nova release party in which Cardi will perform alongside two other upcoming female rap acts.

As far as new music from Cardi, she expressed that there were about five songs that were supposed to be on Invasion of Privacy but unfortunately didn’t make the tracklist because they weren’t a perfect fit. She has since decided to put it on a new project that she is planning to release on September 1st, if and only she is able to complete about five more songs to make it a full project.


Before ending her Instagram Live segment she let fans in on the depths of her workload in which involve roughly six features for other artists, songs for herself, and even music videos to be released with her new music. We all know Cardi is a workaholic so in due time a wave of new Cardi music will be impacted the world again.