We guess Nicki Minaj has read enough Cardi B headlines this year and is ready to grab the world’s attention once again.

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The Queens native is rolling out her Queen album today at noon. Fans and us included, have been waiting to see how she will respond to all those who have doubted her this year.

However, we expected to find out next Friday on August 17 but just like a queen, plans have changed and personally speaking, we have no objections.


Appearing quite methodically, Thursday night (August 9) she announced her presence as she unveiled the first episode of her Queen Radio show on Beats 1. Wanting people to feel her presence, she also announced that the long-awaited album would finally arrive Friday at noon.

Ms. Minaj will deliver episode two of Queen radio today at 11 A.M. EST. The top barb will provide fans some exclusive insight into her creation with a Kobe Bryant-like detailed play-by-play breakdown of each track before the entire project debut’s at noon EST.

Interestingly she wanted to treat us all to the album last night but due to powers beyond her control, we couldn’t have it quite yet.

“So you guys, I’ll be back at 8 a.m. (PST) and I’ll play the album by 9 a.m. before the album is released noon Eastern,” Nicki said on her show. “I was gonna play the album right now but someone f****d up,” said Nicki after confirming the new date and time for her album release. “It’s a lot of corporate drama in here.”

Assuming they wanted to clear up the drama, Beats 1 took Twitter to say Minaj would indeed be back on the air Friday morning.

Minaj took to Instagram to reveal the tracklist with appearances from Eminem, Lil WayneThe Weeknd, Future & more. 

#Queen 9AMPST/12EST

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