Foxy Brown is not happy with one of her students, sizzling UK rap sensation Stefflon Don. After the “Hurtin Me” artist released the cover to her highly anticipated mixtape Secure, where she channels Lil’ Kim, Brown made the decision to cut ties with Don and swiftly blocked her on Instagram.

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On Wednesday, Don expressed a high level of disappointment after the cover to her new mixtape was leaked online. She immediately took to Instagram and share a video to announce the leak was unpremeditated and confirm its online circulation.


“So I woke up this morning, slightly pissed off, because my album cover has been leaked,” she said.  “I’m a little pissed off because like why can’t you trust people.” She goes on to explain that as per her label she had to turn in the project early due to promotional purposes.

On the cover, the UK raptress pays homage to Lil’ Kim by channeling the cover of the Hip-Hop icon’s second studio album The Notorious K.I.M. She later embraced the cover on Instagram explaining why she made the decision to pay homage to the Queen Bee.

“Soooooooo I actually dropped one tear while posting this? im just so excited, grateful but nervous at the same damn time ?,” she exclaimed. “Yes i payed homage to Lil KIM because I honestly don’t think i would be as fearless as i am without her period!!!!!!! ?”

On Friday, she took to Instagram to reveal that after she showed “love to the other,” another female rap icon-who the Jamaican hitmaker considers to be family blocked her on the gram. And that would be the one and only, Foxy Brown.

“But wait Why one of my fav aunties got to block me cuz i show love to the other ???,” she wrote. “tag her n tell her chill sis, be secure shit ain’t that deep and she should focus more on her president and the GMO’S they put in our food ❤️?? ”

Clearly, she is not clapping back or making an attempt to add fuel to the fire but put it out. In the comments, she pleaded with angry Foxy Brown fan pages to pass the message along to unblock and unify while simultaneously telling her own fan base to refrain from cursing out the rap legend, “Guys please don’t curse my auntie she’s just tired atm.”


“@foxy_brown_nation you and your fan page be doing to much just tag mi auntie, take a deep breath in and clam ya likkle nerves hun❤️”

The hashtags following the post are telling about Don’s stance. She finds the block to be a “family feud’ matter and is not necessarily taking it personally.

“#SECURE #MIXTAPE #AUGUST17#STEFFLONDON #FoxyBrown #FamilyFeud#IStillLoveMyAuntie #ShesJustTired#WaitIfImBlocked#IDontThingkTheTagWouldWork ???”

Steff has always deemed Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim as being her inspiration for taking on Hip-Hop’s rap element. As one of the nine rappers of the 2018 XXL Freshman Class, Don was poised the delved into her influences in which she solely mentioned the “beefing” rap icons as being her own.

“I was definitely influenced by a lot of female rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown,” she told XXL. “They were so confident, and especially Lil Kim and Foxy and I feel like they stood out amongst all the men, to me.”

If you look at how Stefflon Don is handling this matter, it is rather a very humbling observation. If Foxy makes the decision to reconcile with her, this just might put Don in the position to break the ice between the two female rap legends.

Stefflon Don’s highly anticipated mixtape Secure is set to be released on Aug. 17 and the UK sensation is currently giving fans the chance to pre-order a signed copy of the gem, here.