Sony’s producers are highly considering having Idris Elba play the role of James Bond, and we are oh-so-serious this time around. According to The Indepedent, director Antoine Fuqua and producer Barbara Broccoli discussed switching up the physical attributes of the 007 agent and Elba is the number one pick.

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In 2014, a hack at Sony revealed that Amy Pascal, then-studio and co-chair, believed that Elba should be the next actor to portray Bond. Anthony Horowitz, author of the Bond novels, disagreed and claimed the actor was “too street” to take on the role which brought national outrage, he later apologized.

Even though the actor’s name has been thrown into the 007 mix, he has denied the rumors for quite some time now. He also suggested the new look of Bond should be a woman. In Hollywood, who knows what’s to happen next. Stay tuned!