We knew that these Black Lilly queens had a little sumthing, sumthing going on… but who knew it would sound so sweet.  Recently, Jill Scott hopped on IG and introduced us to her musical love child, Kaiit Waup, with  Badulla Oblongata.

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Getting a co-sign from a legendary Neo-Soul icon like Jill Scott would be earth-rocking for any girl from Philly or NYC, but imagine how dope it must have been to have your video reposted by your shero… and you are of aboriginal descent in Melbourne, Australia.


This simply is not supposed to happen (unless you are dope AF and then the world is yours).

In Hip-Hop and R&B, if the music is hot… then the music is hot. If the artist is exceptional, then she or he is exceptional!

Kaiit Waup, the artist that is being claimed by the “Long Walk” vocalist has been making moves in her native land for a few years. Only 20, she infuses a lyrical prowess with velvety vocals. In The States, we are celebrating R&B songtresses who are dominating playlist world round… but maybe they should move over a little bit for shorty doo wop to pop out too!

Kaiit Waup welcome to the fam.

Speaking of fam… Kaiit meet your little brother (Jill’s son). He got pipes too.

The Boy say “ Mom, record this.” Really?????!?!? ❤️?

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