Nike is riving the playoff saga between the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic. Reflecting on a time when the NBA  was arguably at its competitive height.

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Competition between the eastern conference rivals was fierce and explosive. Meeting 10 times throughout the 1995 and 1996 playoffs, the Bulls earned the edge and eventually earned the championship rings. Although the Magic proved they could indeed run with the Bulls, defeating them 4-2 in the 1995 series.


However, the Bulls bullied the Magic the following year, subsequently sweeping them in the 96′ series before defeating Shawn Kemp and the Seatle Sonics in the finals.

Aside from standouts like Jordan and young Shaq, Penny Hardaway and Scottie Pippen proved to possess star qualities as well.  In fact, they tested each other as one could be called to guard the other at any given time.

Celebrating those memorable moments, Nike has decided to reimagine Pippen’s signature  Air More Uptempo and  Hardaway’s Air Max Penny 1.

Dressing both silhouettes in pinstripes, the swoosh brand must’ve appreciated the Bulls’ black and red pinstriped jersey which complemented the Magic’s blue and white pinstriped jersey.

The pinstripes reveal intricate details. Hidden within, Pippen’s Uptempo stripes spell out ‘AIR.’ In contrast,  Hardaway’s  Penny 1’s stripes which read ‘1CENT.’

Equally priced at $160 each, the “Pinstripe Pack” will release at and Nike Sportswear retailers on Saturday, August. 11.

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