In case you missed it, Summer Madness 7 is going down in Las Vegas tomorrow.

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SMACK/URLTV still has enough time to call in legendary ring announcer, Michael Buffer (yeah we know you got Champion’s Tech 9 to do the honors). His unique voice would be perfect to call this year’s card. Especially considering the SM7 card could arguably be the greatest of all-time.

We can stand firm on our statement knowing eight of the participants were featured on our  Top 20 Battle Rappers of 2017 list. With this in mind, we will be monitoring SM7 closely. It certainly won’t be an easy task figuring out who will make the list in 2018. The owners of SMACK/URL must’ve taken notice of our list and must be looking to make to make it harder on us.


SM7 has the potential to change the landscape of the list completely. To shed a light on just how impactful Saturday night in Vegas will be,  four out of the eight men from our list will face off against each other. This includes Compton’s own, Geechie Gotti vs. Newark’s Shotgun Suge. Jersey will be well-represented considering Nu Jersey Twork will leave Trenton to face Queens’ DNA.

Live from Vegas, we will see some familiar faces in T-Rex and who could forget Meek Mill’s longtime rival, Reed Dollaz. Both these credible spitters are sure to bring the bars we crave. Lets hope Rex pulls out “the shotgun shells, red and lime green.” We advise you to pay attention to this one.

This is not the only highly anticipated battle on the card: PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR MINDS WAITING FOR TAY ROC AND HITMAN HOLLA TO GO AT IT!  Tay Roc and Hitman have been throwing shots for years and while Hitman has the Wild N’ Out cloat and razzle dazzle of his crew (please let his brother pop off), Roc got a crew too and a brother (Dev Dollas) that stands by his side just itching to jump in too. Of course, no one wants violence. What we do want is more of this Summer Madness Magic!

People are also very interested in the lyrical barfest between Iron Solomon and JC. This battle popped up after Tsu Surf was unable to attend for unnamed reasons. It is ok… not one beat was missed as JC is just as equipped to battle IS as The Wave was, making people actually think the match up makes more sense.

Names like Ave, Ill Will, Math Hoffa…. are sure to delight the fans.

Regardless of who you’re rooting for, there is quality across the card.

Still, anybody can win, or lose. Before the lights, cameras, and action get underway, this card alone has the potential to grab the attention of the streets.

Keep in mind,  Murda Mook and Aye Verb are scheduled to square off on Rare Breed Entertainment’s Rare Breeds live paper-view event which goes down next week August 18.

Given all these developments, we wish the best of luck to all competitors across both leagues. With SM7  up first, all eyes will be on Vegas.