Lab-grown meat could be on sale by the end of 2018.

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Americans eat a lot of meat and producing 24-piece chicken wing buckets and 100 burgers around the country is no easy feat.  The FDA has already allowed antibiotics, growth hormones, E. coli and fecal material in our everyday meat products and now they have found a new way to mass produce food products.  Using the monikers ‘clean meat’,’artificial meat’, ‘in-vitro meat’, ‘cell-culture products’, ‘cultured meat’, or ‘cultured tissue’ be on the look out for these changes that could be in stores closer than you think.

Cellular agriculture is the new coming revolution in food production.


Cellular agriculture is a nascent technology that allows meat and other agricultural products to be cultured from cells in a science factory rather than harvested from livestock on a farm. Researchers believe that revolutionary change in technology is suppose to improve animal welfare, enhance human health, and decrease the environmental footprint of meat production. If monitored and managed appropriately, cellular agriculture could allow humans to produce more food on less land than ever before while eliminating other environmental problems.

Do you think in-vitro  meat can replace what we are accustomed to?