Cardi B is currently facing the profound experience of motherhood and the reality of having a mini-me is getting real for her. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper revealed her one-month-old daughter Kulture has already picked up on her mother’s personality, almost making her a carbon copy.

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On Saturday, Cardi B tweeted that those moments after she gave birth to her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus her middle finger was positioned right up in the air. According to Cardi, ever since the day Kulture was born, she now habitually sticks up her middle finger. The “I Like It” hitmaker went on to joke about the origins of the trait, metaphorically admiring the possible genetic impression.


“Minutes after my daughter was born she was sticking out her middle finger and she stay doing it now all the time She Soo disrespectful wonder where she got it from ?”

Last month, Cardi B made the decision to pull out of her tour with Bruno Mars in order to concentrate on raising her newborn baby girl. She says she “underestimated this whole mommy thing” and was also advised by doctors that touring was not a healthy gesture for the baby. The megastar took to Instagram to share the official announcement saying the decision to drop out of the tour was difficult for her.

“I hope you guys understand .This have been such a hard decision .I want to thank @brunomars for understanding ,” the caption reads.

Right before the birth of their first child together, Cardi B graced the cover of Rolling Stone with her husband Offset of Migos, where the couple is photoed admiring their precious baby bump. The couple secretly got married in September of 2017 in which the Invasion of Privacy artist found to be a special moment she wanted to preserve and protect. Overall, we are excited to see how much Kulture will pick up from both of her Hip-Hop parents!