Days after reports circulated suggesting that Idris Elba is a top pick to play James Bond in the upcoming film, he tweeted: “My name’s Elba, Idris Elba”.

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Fans are taking it as a major clue that he could be going to go up against the part when Daniel Craig leaves one year from now. There’ve been gossipy tidbits connecting Idris to the Bond part since 2014, which he’s neither confirmed or denied.


The 45-year-old British actor, best known for his parts in Star Trek, Luther and The Wire, has in the past said he’s too old, to take on the infamous role.

However, he’s never shied far from the hypothesis and has said he “feels like a national treasure” being connected to Bond.

Not long ago, reports said Bond movie boss, Barbara Broccoli said “it is time” to add some flavor to the part. Addressing the Daily Star, director Antoine Fuqua said that Broccoli had disclosed to her that she felt that a Black actor playing the popular role “will happen eventually.”