Lil Wayne, the head of Young Money, and mentor to Drake and Nicki Minaj has weighed his opinion on his female protege’s latest discharge. He praised the Queens native for her fourth studio album, dubbing it her best work.

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“First of all, I just want to congratulate the beautiful queen, Miss Nicki Minaj, for the beautiful album, Queen, which is, to date, in my opinion, one of her best albums yet,” he says to the camera.

“I’m not gonna go out there on a limb and say it’s her best album, because I can still listen to songs [from] when she was about…when she was a teenager, and I still hear vocals and lyrics from there that are, to me, the best thing she’s ever said in her life,” he continues. “So, I’m specific like that, but to date, it’s one of the best albums yet—and I don’t mean out of her catalog. I mean period.”


In the video Tunechi also gushed about her standout record, “Barbie Dreams,” which took a hilarious spin to Notorious B.I .G.’s “Dreams,” and was an upgrade to her 2007 “Dreams.”

“And The Barbie Dreams song. I love the f—-n song, everybody love the song, but I really wish the song was just, like, a dedication song to me,” he says. “I really wish that was Barbie’s dream.”

Since Drake and Nicki both released albums this year, Lil Wayne could deliver the long-awaited fifth installment to Tha Carter series to complete the Young Money trifecta. But we can only hope.