Sam Smith has worked his way into becoming a household name. He arguably has one of the best voices of this generation and has a plethora of hit singles. But his mouth just got him in trouble.

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The British singer was unwinding with some friends on a boat recently. Fellow singer, Adam Lambert, was also on the boat and he was posting videos of the festivities to his Instagram account. In one video you see Smith getting down to Beyonce. But in another one, he said he didn’t like the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s, music.


In the video, Lambert pans over to Smith who says, “I don’t like Michael Jackson, but this is a good song.” In all fairness, Smith is entitled to his own opinion but it’s not usual that you hear someone, especially a successful musician like hisself, say they don’t care for MJ. You can imagine the Internet dragged him for his comments.

There were those rational folks that did come to Sam’s defense because we are entitled to our own opinions after all.

Michael Jackson is a legend hand down. His artistry is unmatched and he’s had an undying impact on pop culture. But Sam Smith is probably not the only one who isn’t fond of MJ’s music. Others are probably too afraid to speak up. Smith also isn’t the only successful artist to diss a whole legend. It happens in the Hip Hop community everyday B.