The 2019 NBA free agency is a year away but teams are already priming themselves to get their hands on one of the prized players that will be without a team. That includes the Los Angeles Clippers who have their eyes on Kawhi Leonard and have decided not to renew the contract for in game analyst Bruce Bown next season after remarks made about Leonard in his past season with the San Antonio Spurs.

ESPN reports Bowen was an employee of Fox Sports West, a network that received influence from the basketball organization. The remarks are believed to be detrimental to the chances the team can have in getting the star forward next summer.

“I think he’s getting bad advice,” Bowen told Sirius XM Radio. “I think what you’re starting to see now is an individual given a certain amount of advice, and it’s not the right advice. Here it is: You were protected in San Antonio. You were able to come up during a time where you still could lean on Tim [Duncan], Tony [Parker] and Manu [Ginobili].”

Bowen also stated that he felt there was nothing but excuses coming from Kawhi Leonard.

Bruce Bowen knows a thing or two about the Spurs organization. The defensive Stallworth was a key figure in the mid-2000s championships for the organization and has his number retired.