For the last eight weeks, Grailed has been digging into the farthest regions of their vaults to bring us some of the rarest streetwear pieces over the past 20 years. One week we get throwback BAPE steez, the next we’re getting resort-themed swag. So, how do you top last week’s delivery of rare Japanese fashion finds? Supreme decks!

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The skateboarding brand that launched in 1994 has, and probably always will, introduced amazingly dope skate decks in every single seasonal release. For collectors and skaters alike, these pieces are usually cherished for decades — scrapes, scratches and grip tape included. We think this is a perfect way to cap things off, and after you guys check out some of these decks you’ll feel the same way.

Scroll along to see 15 of our favorites from the final ‘Heatwave’ drop by Grailed, and make sure to shop through all 100 rare decks when they go on sale this Thursday (August 16) at 12 PM EST


Supreme x Public Enemy “It Takes a Nation Of Millions” Deck – $500 USD

YEAR: 2006

Supreme x Chapman Bros. “CFC76311561 2002” Deck – $250 USD

YEAR: 2012

Supreme x Harmony Korine “Macaulay Culkin” Deck – $500 USD

YEAR: 2011

Supreme x Sean Cliver “Halloween” Deck – $400 USD

YEAR: 2008

Supreme “Red Dipped Logo” Deck – $500 USD

YEAR: 2007

Supreme “Copyright” Deck – $2,500 USD

YEAR: 1998

Supreme “Snow White” Deck – $500 USD

YEAR: 2011

Supreme “Kermit The Frog” – $300 USD

YEAR: 2008

Supreme “Power Corruption & Lies” – $500 USD

YEAR: 2013

Supreme x Ryan McGuiness “Pantone CMYK” – $400 USD

YEAR: 2000

Supreme x “Scarface” Split Logo Deck – $100 USD

YEAR: 2017

Supreme x “Akira” “Syringe” Deck – $100 USD

YEAR: 2017

Supreme x Capone-N-Noreaga “The War Report” Deck – $50 USD

YEAR: 2016

Supreme x Bruce Lee Deck – $200 USD

YEAR: 2013

Supreme x Michael Jackson Black Deck – $150 USD

YEAR: 2017

Even though this is the last ‘Heatwave’ drop for the summer, keep shopping on Grailed for all the rarest streetwear finds by heading to the online shop.