Nicki Minaj and DJ Funk Flex buried the hatchet in a recent interview on Hot 97 during her press run for Queen.

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“Do you feel I was attacking you?” asked Flex at the beginning of the interview with Chun-Li. “I was being opinionated about your music, I’ve always been a fan of your music.” Nicki believes that when people have problems with her, she thinks it’s more personal and not an issue with her music.

She definitely did not hold back. She shared some unknown stories about Young Money and Lil Wayne and re-iterated that she always writes her own raps and wants you to respect her pen.


The conversation about her pen game came about because Flex noted that her ex-boyfriend Safaree was doubling back on his claims that he wrote for her. Nicki went on a mini rant and ended up spilling tea saying that he was paying prostitutes and stealing their credit cards.

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