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We all knew Supreme would stop the world yesterday after unveiling the new Fall/Winter 2018 offerings that go on sale in a few days, but no one expected them to take over, of all things, New York City journalism. However, that’s exactly what the legendary skatewear brand did by surprisingly stamping its iconic Box logo on the front-page of the New York Post.

With ‘Preme heads hustling to get their hands on the clear-as-day collectors item, a mild case of pandemonium skyrocketed throughout the NYC area, and saw a huge press day for the Post as a result. As expected, those that were lucky enough to arrive at newsstands early enough to cop a copy have decided to flip it for as much as $40 and higher.


The collab interestingly enough even brought two competing papers together as well, with Post publisher Jesse Angelo giving a nice batch of quotables to The New York Times about the collab. Here’s what he had to say in regards to the overflowing reactions on this “quickstrick” release:

“We knew that this would be a collector’s item. Supreme is such a cool brand and we have so much affinity, to the design kinship of the logos, to being bold, and never shy, and New York-based.”

— Jesse Angelo, New York Post (via The NY Times)

Even though you might’ve missed your chance at getting one for its original $1.50 price tag, eBay is still an option — it’ll just cost you about 40x more than the original price. Some are even selling lots for $500 and even over $1,000 — but hey, it ain’t cheap being a fan of Supreme!

Did you get a copy of the Supreme-theme New York Post? Better yet, would you pay extra to own a piece of New York history? Sound off by letting us know over on Facebook and Twitter!

New York Post on newsstands now. @nypost

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