Dwight Howard has officially confused NBA fans everywhere by stating that he wants to transition his game from a dominant back to the basket rebounder and dunker to be more like Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis. Fans that have watched the big man since he led the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals way back when know that jump shots are not his forte. He is an average at best free throw shooter.

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Howard is now a member of the Washington Wizards after being recruited by Wizards point guard John Wall and according to his trainer Justin Zormelo, Howard is looking to adjust how he is known to play.

“He wants to evolve into Anthony Davis, into Kevin Durant, but his own version of that,” Zormelo said to the Washington Post.


Yes, that AD and KD. What suddenly made this change? Howard told the Post he wants to just remain with the modern style of the game.

“When I came into this league I was playing against the Shaqs, the Alonzo Mournings, the Jermaine O’Neals and it was more so a physical—I’m going to see who’s the strongest guy in the paint,” Howard shared. “It’s like an arm wrestling match for the big guys. And nowadays, it’s not the same game. So it’s either evolve, adapt, or get left behind.”

We can’t really be mad at him for that, right? Adjust who you are or find yourself without a team. Dwight Howard played the way that was traditional for him over the last few years during his 81 game season with the Charlotte Hornets and put up a double-double average of nearly 17 points with 12 rebounds.

We’ll see how it turns out for the big guy. Maybe D.C. could be the team he needs to break into the next level. Good luck DH12.